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Ourselves. Together.

BLVD members understand that by working cooperatively, we can support creatives of all disciplines and at all stages of their careers by supplying ourselves with the resources and knowledge we need to give us the space to focus on our creative pursuits.

We've been there. We're still there. And we want to help.

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Why Should I Become A Member?

TheBLVD membership invests in shared access to legal aid, business services, guest speakers, grant opportunities, networking events and development programs delivered both in - person and online.

Additionally, our online community hosts a variety of content monetization solutions, making it easy to scale your creative venture without the costly overhead: TheBLVD absorbs all processing costs while doing business within our community. Your advocates can purchase your work with confidence, knowing that you receive 100% of their financial support.

As membership grows, so does our buying power, which makes the possibilities of what we can do together virtually endless. What's more, members are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process, ensuring everyone's voice has an opportunity to be heard.


I'm not sure I understand....what are you selling?

Nothing, really. And you're not buying anything - this isn't a monthly subscription. You're buying INTO something. TheBlvd's operations are inspired by the idea of a "co-op." BLVD members have a general sense of shared responsibility with individual ownership. Each member has a say in how TheBLVD functions for the duration of their membership.

I'm an [actor, visual artist, writer, musician, etc], is TheBLVD for me?

Yes! TheBLVD was created to address the needs of creative entrepreneurs of all disciplines: Art and Photography, Culinary Arts, Dance, Design, Digital Media, Fashion, Film and TV, Music, Performing Arts, Publishing, and Theatre.

So, what comes with being a member?

BLVD memberships alleviate the burden of creating by providing access to resources, guidance, and opportunities for professional development at a fraction of the investment of going it alone. By working together, all members thrive with the tools they need Through the partnerships we cultivate - and powered by the collective weight of the community - we are able to offer a variety of benefits to our members, including:

Legal Aid | A BLVD membership covers initial consulting fees and basic services.

Business Services | Tax services, grant writing, communications, and more.

Guest Artists and Events | Presented throughout the year and featuring some of the creative industries' brightest stars

Discounts and Perks | Delivered through perks at work, BLVD members receive preferential pricing on hundreds of products and services

Additionally, TheBLVD members invest in one another by delivering coaching and development programs (most at no cost to our members) focusing on the business of creating, grant funds to develop creative projects, and development programs that pair our members with high - performing mentors in their field. Additionally, we partner with organizations like consulting firms and production companies to provide professional services at preferential prices.

I dig it. But, I'm not a creative. How can I support your community?

BLVD advocates are the "honorary" members of our community, working towards our members' success without taking advantage of the member resources and opportunities. Advocates can contribute to member fundraising campaigns, bid on member auctions, and purchase member products and services, with 100% of the proceeds going to the member.

"Cooperation is...a thorough

conviction that nobody can get there

unless everybody gets there."

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