Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I understand....what are you selling?

Nothing, really. And you're not buying anything. You're buying INTO something. We're building a community of creative professionals who invest together to reach shared goals. By working together, we can provide more of us with opportunities that none of us may get alone.

I like it. But, I'm not a creative. How can I support your creative community?

BLVD advocates are the "honorary" members of our community, working towards our members' success without taking advantage of the member resources and opportunities. Advocates can contribute to member fundraising campaigns, bid on member auctions, and purchase member products and services, with 100% of the proceeds going to the member. Additionally, advocates are welcome to enjoy selected content from our resource libraries. Create a free account to get started today.

Ah, I see. So, what are "Exclusive Member Opportunities"?

TheBLVD curates exclusive showcase opportunities for our members including, but certainly not limited to:


Styled Shoots

Gallery Exhibitions


and more, presented year-round. We are always checking back in with the membership to align our decisions with their goals. As our membership grows, so does the number of opportunities awarded; 60% of membership dues back into the community through our initiatives. It's just math, really.

I'm an [actor, visual artist, writer, musician, etc], are there opportunities for me?

Yes, TheBLVD identifies opportunities for creatives of all disciplines: Art and Photography, Culinary Arts, Dance, Design, Digital Media, Fashion, Film and TV, Music, Performing Arts, Publishing, and Theatre. Past opportunities have included singers, dancers, playwrights, photographers, magicians, puppeteers, composers - the list goes on. Submissions for each opportunity are reviewed and narrowed down by the community before final participants are chosen by TheBLVD leadership, making the selection process transparent and inclusive.

TheBLVD leadership? Who are they?

TheBLVD is led by a savvy group of multidisciplinary creative professionals - content creators, arts administrators, teaching artists and consultants - with one common goal: helping creative professional invest in their own career success.

Got it. Tell me more about "Mentorship and Development".

TheBLVD members invest in one another by delivering self-led courses (most at no cost to our members) focusing on the business of creating, grant funds to develop creative projects, and development programs that pair our members with high - performing mentors in their field. Additionally, we partner with organizations like consulting firms and production companies to provide professional services at preferential prices.

So, I want to monetize my work. How does TheBLVD help me do that?

TheBLVD offers several applications to help members monetize their work right from TheBLVD. Advocates and members can bid on individual works through our Auction House, or buy them directly through The Marketplace. The Giving Circle allows you to solicit donations for specific projects, while The Study Hall makes selling video courses a breeze. Best yet, TheBLVD covers all processing costs as a benefit of membership, so you know you'll receive 100% of your earnings. TheBLVD Directory allows members to present their work to the public through customizable, searchable pages, included with membership.

I saw something about earning commissions?

Membership in TheBLVD is an investment and, just like any other investment, you get back what you put in. Entrepreneur level members are provided a unique referral code; invite members to join, and you'll earn a 5% commission from that member's dues that month. It's that simple.

Nice. What if I run an arts organization? Is there anything for me?

Certainly! TheBLVD offers a variety of services for our organizational partners. We'll help you present virtual events, train your team members, even supply you with consulting help. Your dedicated account manager handles all the finer details, so that you and your team can focus on your programming. Additionally, organizational members can invest in BLVD memberships for their team, interns, students, or other stakeholders at a lower rate.

Management Training?

Yep. Strategic Planning, Marketing, Development - our partners are experts in their fields, sharing their secrets to success with our members, free to our organizational members and steeply discounted for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Wow. This sounds like a lot.

And we're not done yet. TheBLVD members benefit from monthly yoga and fitness instruction delivered through our wellness center partners, and discounts on a variety of goods and services through perks at work.

Well ok! I'm in. How do I get started?